Huntersville, North Carolina

Just north of Charlotte lies Huntersville, the 19th largest town in the state, with an even larger personality. Almost 50,000 people reside here today and in 1990 there were only 3,000 residents; that is how quickly Huntersville has grown. This settlement, nestled conveniently near the towns of Cornelius and Davidson, offers its residents a big-town rural feel that only a lakefront town like this can provide.

At Showcase Realty, based in Charlotte, we train each of our Huntersville real estate agents in the knowledge and charm of Charlotte’s surrounding areas. This means that when you work with Showcase Realty’s real estate agents to buy or sell your home in Huntersville, you will be provided the best real estate services in the area.

Set up along Lake Norman’s 520 mile long shoreline, this Mecklenburg County lake town draws adventure-seekers from all over to its pool of recreation. This large man-made lake, fueled by Duke Power’s need to support its nuclear power plant, is a trendy retreat for residents from surrounding areas. While other visitors grapple for spots on the water’s edge, Huntersville locals have the option of using Blythe Landing Park to launch their boats and enjoy sunny Carolina weather through spring, summer, and early fall.

There is also Mountain Island Lake, a smaller version of the Lake Norman, to keep residents occupied. With this second lake and the town’s eighteen parks, Huntersville is littered with nature fanatics hoping to beat the heat on a splashy pontoon or under a shady tree. Between Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake, Huntersville has pretty much everything to offer a nature lover.

For retail lovers, Birkdale Village has it all. From boutiques and national retail stores to restaurants, you are sure to be able to find something for everyone in Birkdale! Aside from the shopping, Birkdale Village is home to a movie theater and an outdoor activity area where kids can run around in fountains or watch the tree lighting ceremony during Christmas time.

Recreation aside, it’s hard for other North Carolina towns to compete with this popular suburb. Some of the town’s largest employers, Rubbermaid, Presbyterian Hospital, and Irwin Industrial Tools, keep the industry bustling twenty-four seven. Other residents, with the help of a convenient busing system, commute to center city Charlotte so they can pair their metropolitan jobs with the large backyards of Huntersville homesteads.

huntersville ncGrowing steadily for the past few years, it rivals other, bigger townships with its recreational assets and its steady business endeavors. It’s no wonder that people are queuing up to stake their claim in this Carolina goldmine.

Huntersville has something to offer everyone, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an avid shopper, you will find a source of entertainment in this rapidly growing town. Let Showcase Realty help you find your niche in Huntersville.


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